Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Challenge Growths: Rach Jay: Rachel Gay Jarrot, Monkey Faces

Time Changes
Changes in place, goodness and mercy angels, to repair and restore, dreams in motion. Pictures with wolves, pictures of snakes, pictures tell story with words. Dancing on the beach, RV campers, freaks out at night, good times for frogs out of seas. Growers and growing  trees to burn, blue dreams blowing in the wind. Jumpstart dreams, wishes and prayers, trips to the moon, bonus for earth angels. Gifts with tips to face the right roads to greatness.

Tails to Date: Time for a dip, time for a wash, time to come cleans. Notes and tips shared, views out in circles on internet. Lessons learned in simple stories, love and hate, horns of a goat, dances on the beach. Goodness and mercy, gifts to share, fairy tales, frog tales, and stories of lessons learned, dances in the winds. Happy feet, joys and pains, of the bumps in the road, stuck in the woods.

Veterans Stories, Sad and Blue, and Unbelievable for a few, dicks and dogs, dicks to say what is real to others. Stories of the dead, stories of the dying, stories to live always, anger issues under the surface. Tricks for a check, Steven Jarrot, wanted to say, gang bang to serve G. I. Joe, a day job. Marines in the sands, Marines with Guns, Child's play, for a dick with a ass open wide, fag to fuck, role player, Steve Jarrot. Adam to Adam, Adam not Steven, Adam and Eve, play on words. Good times to party and to pay, good times with skills of a frog, oral talents to suck, fuck a frog today.

https://rachel104life.wordpress.com/2014/05/03/my-future-in-the-media-world-uncertain-but-certainly-exciting/#commentsFrog Prince:Jewish Army 2005: Contact 760 851 2267 to concur statements written, from his point of views. Blame game played always, fingers pointed at others for deeds and actions, Lissa Desilva asked for the stick up backside with out lube for joy and pleasures given for the dance of death set for May 2013- Apr 22, 2014

Time change to challenge of frogs kissed, RV campers out, sex on beach done with freaks out to party and play. Crooks to party with prey to rob blind, goodness and mercy not changed, for junk and car dealers, rob the seniors without kids, mental veteran, times of life in hell. Hell hound Thanks so much..Frogs to date Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998, herd of crooks and robbers.

Jacquline Jarrrot, poker players, jokers to the right.  Jewish ...$6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, wigs for Rachel Jarrot. One of the fish that got away. Pack Lions: Lyon to faces in mirror, looks fading fast, hair losses. Lions in packs for dinner and treats. Monkeys see and monkeys do, swinging on branches, from tree to tree. Monkeys on dogwood trees, in the woods.Lyon to masks in place, faces in the mirror, goodness and mercy looks, history of the blame game that is currently played thought out this family. Jewish Army of 2015: history of the Jarrots, let them know if they are human they have red blood, and that makes us all the same....Love knocks...

Thanks so much..Frogs to date Steven  Jarrot, 7608512267, herd of crooks and robbers. Sima  Jarrrot, Jewish ....$6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, wigs-Rachel Jarrot, One of the fish that got away, better dreams in action, wishing on stars . Times in woods, sinners and saints, trips to sun, heaven awaits, promise to hope: hold on: pains end. Dances in the rain. Pack Lions: Lyon to faces in mirror, looks fading fast, hair losses. Lions in packs for dinner and treats. Monkeys see and monkeys do, swinging on branches, from tree to tree.

Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998 , Charlie Jesuit or Jesus Christ, fairy tales, pretenses and horse and pony shows. Monkeys on dogwood trees, in the woods.Lyon to masks in place, faces in the mirror, goodness and mercy looks, history of the blame game that is currently played thought out this family.  Jewish history more Jarrots, let them know if they are human they have red blood, and that makes us all the same...

Hard knocks, schools for Jewish dence and dimwits. Tricks and trades, suckers to rob you blind, steers and queers, herds and packs of donkeys, hell hounds from center of earth...Love knocks..Freaks  tricks and trades for cum suckers, fruits  and nuts. Campers on the beach, married to frogs and snakes. Dances in the dark.

Happy notes from the songs, fish for a day, a rap song, great message. Free time to dance, downtime to dream, killing time waiting to sail. Time to wait for John, Jack or Jim, horses racing, for the green lights in traffic. Horses, rats and men racing for the prize. Ribbons of placement, animals driving forces to check, lessons or blessing to review. Joy and pleasures  for dazes done, fish fried with the frogs for bait, plenty of fish in the seas of people.

Sailors, farmers and dragons sleeping, battles to fight, earth angels to save. Songs to sign for the stars in the sky, the northern lights brighter than stars. rn is a star in the world they are in. So what you are not able to please everyone, that is not your job, so what if you are not perfect, and so what people change with the coming of a new day. Help the lost, help the displace, be honest and true to the right things to do, talk about love with pieces of a dream.

Remember the past to continue with new lessons learned alone the way, ghosts to share the stories in your head, stars that shoot at night, with messages to hear on the sound of the wind blowing in the trees. Dead people talking in the still of the night, while you sleep are the visits with the dead.

Good times to share of the stars created in your dreams, you are the creator, you are the star in the movies in your dreams. Dreams to greatness, dreams to family and friends dead and the good times created in their homes in the sky, in the clouds in you head. Ready for more layers of the onions that some people represent, just because they know more, does that make you better or worse? It is a point of view that I wanted to take a few minutes to see if it makes sense to me, and if in turn I could share a little with you also.

In my quest today for more and better, I have your lost my way to reason, in the good, bad, and ugly, events that lead to the break  down of the working relationship between the two parties that I am reviewing for a second look at the relationship issues. California Dreamer- California is the thirty-first state in the union, and became a state September 9, 1850. The state seal for California is Minerva-goddess who sprang full grown from Jupiter's head-reinvent to be the symbol of California.
d done......

Rachel Wigsout: Class Whales:Hard knocks for lessons in love and devotion, life for love, love and hate horns of a goat. Tales to share, lessons in classes on the beach. Grass growing. Happy and blue flipping coins. Thanks for kids, tips on trips to hell, kindness and mercy shared. Lights on part of the time is dandy and fine. Time is a wheel, and time does not stop for looks, charms or grasses that are greener for the cattle, bison, and buffs around and around the wheels turns, and the wheels do stop going around in time, not time it never stops. Dances in the wind on the beach.

Younger Whales: Tips and tales of snakes, and land whales, trips to hell, with hounds loose. Suckers for cum fountain, chicks and dicks to trick for free cash and credit returns. Crooks and robbers. Herds of jackasses, teaching love and depression, fruits and nuts to go.

humanity...and I am member of the elks lodge Redondo and we are always working along side the veterans affairs  to build homes for vets....I live in Torrance...swim a lot and love listening to good music...I think we should meet sometime soon and just relax and talk ....tomtomram@yahoo.com is my email....let me know when you have free time....


  1. Starr Bright, sisters of color, veterans on the streets, reviews, recaps, fairy tales, chicks, and babes, dames with red hoods, lost and found, crazy, insane, veteran with skills. Lots of written history to note, dances under the sands of time. For a fee, PTSD, nuts on the run. Bats and birds, singing songs on the mountain tops.Good Times, Lessons Learned Back In Time: Blasts To The History Notes

  2. There is always a RAINBOW after the Good times, trips to the outside of the houses of family members, secrets to keep, dances with crooks, cheaters, and liars, way of life for a snake in the grass. Jewish Wales: movie made, of the bumps in the road, the way of whales on land, big and fat, out of shape, tongue out, to lick, to suck, to play and party, clouds in the sky, dances lost in time.Tin Can Affairs, Jolly And Fat, Black, Read, And White,Tales To Spin.Blow Jobs by steven jarrot.Sinking Ships, Dates With Dogs, Faces In Death, Heads Up.''

  3. Nuts, retards, jackasses, donkeys in the hills, monkeys in packs to dodge, party views, nuts to fall. Whales on land, cows to call, butches, bitches in heat, snakes in grass. Jews, fools, frogs, names to labels, coins to crooks, cheaters, liars, dances with freaks out to rob, steal and lie: family members, foes and tricks, and dicks with dogs out with the freaks, and frogs to sing and dance the nights away.

    Upland parked in RV of course for the fruits and nuts to go. Happy dazes and good times for Rachel, sima, sheri, Charles R., and pimps and drug dealers out for the best horse and pony shows of a life time.7607778998. Friends of yours?