Monday, December 12, 2016

Snakes in Grass: 14 Crooks: Age Of Darkness, Patterns Set: Recaps To Recall.

Nice to know. 19 Events, Lots Of Hits And Misses, Places To Meet, need more input. Happy Holidays 2016: Events, Places, People: Family Affairs. As the sunsets, the day ends & will never be relived again..celebrate your life. 🎈🎈🤓🌹♥️🌹.

Birds To Fly, Blue Skies. Land whale, pimp on wheels, bags of shit,7608512267 Before I Die.A lion doesn't fear a fly.""Wisdom is more precious than pearls."" ~ Jewish Proverb" ~ 5 Stars, Shooting Blue, Shooting White, Horse And Pony Shows, Bitches And Dawgs. Yiddish Proverb"Land whale, pimp on wheels, bags of shit,7608512267.... A lion doesn't fear a fly."" ~ Yiddish Proverb" You can't patch up a torn friendship.".Steven Jarrot, cock sucker to date. Jewish Wales, Butts And Donkeys, Flying Cows, Pigs And Hogs, Want to hear about the luck of the Irish and more? 3 Hard Knocks:Coins To Flip, Lots Of Luck, Lots Of Love, Lots Of Tests. Rednecks Tips,"Clowns are People Too! 🎃🍭😂🎃🍭😂🎃" -"Trick ?Sheri And Rachel Jarrot."Clowns are People Too! 🎃🍭😂🎃🍭😂🎃" -"Trick ? Or Treat!? 🎃💛🎃💛🎃💛🎃💛🎃💛🎃" Hope hopping helps those that fell down, and having a hard time turning around, and turning the pages to more and better dazes without the snakes, cattle and jackasses, in the hills, valleys, and canyons in Riverside county in California.5 Stars, Shooting Blue, Shooting White, Horse And Pony Shows, Bitches And Dawgs.

Ways to go, the dead and dying, military members left in battle, hands to hold, hopes and wishes to live. Live and learn, lots of love, lots of luck, lots of hard knocks, leaders of the band. Fun and games, help to others, help to the members of the crew, lessons to learn, hops and jumps, walks of life. Just another fairy tale, a man and woman, the bumps in the road, the breakdown, the missing favors.

Lots of cum, lots of partners, cum on his flak, cum all over his face and hair. Best to luck, best to fuck, in his face. Talking done, cum to party and pay, bitches twins, black and yellow hair. Hares and rabbits, Sheri and Rachellyn1010, Rachel butch, Rachel Jarrot the buffalo. Steven jay jarrot, and bald head bay or crooks, snakes and liars. Worns under their skin, nit real snake, cum suckers thats all.Transplants from Cubu, Sima and Steven Jarrot.

Christmas Day 2012,Rachel Jarrot, butch forever, free rides in trade, party and pay, movie rights? Dead to rights, taken things you know belongs to another, tell lies or make excuses. Write and rites, tales told, stories left, gifts to share. Lessons to fail, fists or firsts attempts in learning, flipping the cards. Seven snakes, name to remember, freak or frog. Jesus Christ, Peter Pan, Steven Jarrot, great pretenders. Actions of love and devotion, stories created to share, the luck of the Irish. American Girl: Dogwood Butterfly.

Hare Matters: Hairs to you, bald heads to show, bad hair days, with $6000 wigs, way to ride, trips by plane for free, daddy to lick, balls and docks, cum to balls, tasteful treats. Just like daddy, Steven Jarrot, just like livers and livers, Sima and Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998, crook since age 14, old people to die, frogs in line.

Tip on land whale, crook, cheater and liar, bitch on Facebook, not Maya Dsilva, snake in that account. Snakes in Grass: 14 Crooks: Age Of Darkness, Patterns Set: Recaps To Recall. Steven J. Jarrot, crooks, cheaters, liars, cum suckers, fuckers for asses to kiss, steal from family, why not you....Charles R. Jarrot, stole $160,000, from his dad, at the age of 14, took, Steven Jarrot, 2 years to find out. Lots of love for a snake in the grass, lots of luck, lots of tests over time, lots of hard knocks for stupids, retards, and basket cases, Jewish whales on land. Tips and stories of others, stories left behind, pages in books, recaps to recall, party views online. Hates his written history, lots of threats in the air, told my girls, he wants acid on his face, to improve his looks, and help to cut of hands for being a crook, stole computers at Best Buys, in July 2015, more excuses from wolf dressed like a sheep. A snake to dodge, not my kind of friend.
Hand out, hands up, earth angels, stars falken out of sky, with broken wings, fairy tales. Star bright tonight, gifts to share, jokes online, good times on dark side of the moon. Nice notes, expired Christmas 2013, grandmother not ran over by reindeer, cancer bites the big one. 30 years for chrismas...

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